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We all have dangers, which are overshadowed by our opportunities, which we'll capture by leveraging our strengths!
Dangers, Worries or Concerns
These problems are creating obstacles to your progress. These dangers need to be overcome and eliminated to prevent a serious loss of opportunities.
Opportunities, Strategies & Resources
These represent possibilities for you to make substantial progress of utmost importance. Serious decisions, training and actions need to be taken to make them come to fruition.
Strengths on which to Capitalize
These are unique advantages you already possess, but are probably not fully utilizing. Focus on these strengths to gain greater confidence and attract more opportunity.
I don't have enough time to get everything done
I need to increase my energy and enthusiasm
I need to live more and work less
My success has plateaued and I don't like it
I don't have compelling goals
I don't have control over my time; I'm inefficient
I have inadequate support and encouragement
I've not yet settled into a niche that will make me wealthy- where I'm energized about what I do
No one helps me stay accountable to my goals
I don't have a well-defined system that predictably generates plenty of income
My career is just a job, I have lost passion
I'm working harder and earning less
My other Dangers, Worries or Concerns:
I'd like to manage my time and utilize my talents better
I've been considering starting a coaching program
I want to generate new business with my current clientele and attract a constant supply of referrals
I would like to increase my free time with family
I want to develop a niche wherein I can earn more by working within my area of unique talent
I would like new direction, confidence, and capability in my career so I can get re-energized
I want to save myself time, energy and money to get greater results with more efficiency
I want to form strategic alliances with my peers and advisors; working together to grow our careers
I want to reconnect with my faith & grow spiritually
I would like to take advantage of books and educational materials to help my clients better and earn more
More than transacting business, I want to provide a meaningful transformation for my clients and myself
My other Opportunities, Strategies & Resources:
I create great relationships with my clients and friends
I am a true entrepreneur and enjoy its freedoms
I spend most of everyday doing what I love and excel at
I have a written, emotionally compelling 3 year vision
I place purpose ahead of the money that I make-- money comes as a natural consequence of a higher purpose
I am able to focus on those activities that matter most
I provide leadership for my clients and associates
I am able to obtain referrals from my clients with ease
I have a niche that is providing all the business I desire
I manage my time well and create predictable results
I have identified the profile of my "ideal" clients
I have great resilience and bounce back after setbacks
I constantly use creativity to empower others
I strive to make my future bigger than my past
My other Strengths:
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